Fragrant Plants

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Abelia — full sun; shrub varieties from deciduous to evergreen; graceful arching branches with tubular/bell-shaped flowers 

Boronia — full sun/part shade; evergreen shrub with bell-shaped blooms 

Bovardia — part shade; evergreen shrub; fragrant variety has jasmine scented, white flowers 

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) — full sun; evergreen shrub; long spikes covered with tiny fragrant flowers in varying shades of purple and pink. 

Brugmansia (Angel’s Trumpet) — sun or shade; evergreen treelike shrub; large pendulous trumpet shaped flowers fragrant in late afternoon. 

Brunfelsia (Yesterday Today Tomorrow) — part shade; semi-evergreen shrub; dark purple flowers open flat, and fade to light purple then white. 

Carissa (Natal Plum) — full sun; evergreen shrub; white star shaped flowers and round glossy leaves; fruits turn cranberry red. 

Cestrum nocturnum (Night Blooming Jasmine) — part shade; evergreen shrub; clusters of tubular creamy white flowers that are fragrant at night. 

Choisya (Mexican Orange) — full sun; evergreen shrub; clusters of fragrant white flowers cover the shrub. 

Coleonema (Breath of Heaven) — full sun/part shade; evergreen shrub; heath-like fragrant foliage. 

Daphne — full sun/part shade; evergreen & deciduous; many clusters of fragrant flowers 

Day Lily — full sun; evergreen & deciduous; clumps of arching pointed leaves and open tubular flowers borne on long stems; available in many colors. 

Eriostemon (Waxflower) — full sun; evergreen; narrow elliptical foliage is highly fragrant; white star-shaped flowers offer no fragrance. 

Gardenia — full sun; evergreen shrub; highly fragrant white flowers; many varieties. 

Genista (Broom) — full sun; evergreen shrub; fragrant flowers, self-sows readily. 

Helichrysum (Curry Plant) — full sun; perennial/small shrub; silver white aromatic foliage with fragrance like curry spice. 

Heliotrope — full sun/part shade; perennial; dark violet, purple or white fragrant flowers, the white variety smells like brown sugar. 

Jasmine –full sun; evergreen vine; highly fragrant white flowers 

Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) — full sun; annual vine; old fashion favorite, many colors and all sweetly fragrant 

Lavender — full sun; evergreen shrub; highly aromatic foliage and purple flowers used in oils, perfumes, saps, sachets. 

Lilac — full sun/part shade; deciduous shrub; very perfumed candle shaped flower clusters in lavenders and white. 

Lonicera (Honeysuckle) — full sun; evergreen vines; clusters of tubular highly fragrant flowers 

Michelia — full sun/part shade; evergreen shrub; related to the magnolia, white fragrant blossoms surrounded by lush foliage 

Osmanthus (Sweet Olive) — full sun/part shade; evergreen shrub; tiny highly fragrant flower clusters below the leaves 

Peony — full sun/part shade; perennial; many varieties and hybrids; flowers are fragrant 

Philadelphus (Mock Orange) — full sun/part shade; deciduous shrub; clusters of highly fragrant white flowers (sweet fragrance like orange tree flowers) 

Ribes (Current or Gooseberry) — full sun/part shade; evergreen & deciduous shrub; R.aureum and R. malvaceum have fragrant flowers 

Rose — full sun; evergreen to deciduous shrubs and vines; hybrids with many different fragrances from old world perfume to fruity and more 

Rosemary - full sun; evergreen shrub; aromatic foliage and tiny blue flowers; wonderful to smell, excellent to cook with 

Saponaria — full sun; perennial; trailing and spreading growth habit;summer flowers in red,  pink or white. 

Sarcococca (Sweet Box) — full sun/part shade; evergreen shrub; dark green, waxy foliage and highly fragrant white flowers; different varieties from low growing to 6 ft. 

Stephanotis (Madagascar Jasmine) — part shade; evergreen vine; oval leaves waxy and green; wonderfully intense flower fragrance lovely as a floral lei 

Thyme –full sun; low growing perennial; many varieties all with aromatic foliage (lemon, caraway, camphor); flower colors of purple, white, and/or pink; excellent for borders, around stepping stones, or rock gardens

Trachelospermum (Star Jasmine) — full sun; evergreen vine; summer white star shaped sweetly fragrant blooms over dark green, waxy foliage 

Viburnum — full sun/part shade; deciduous and evergreen shrubs; stunning and fragrant flower displays in spring 

Viola - full sun to shade; cool season annual; many varieties and color combinations; excellent for in the front line of borders, pots or hanging baskets 

Wisteria — full sun; deciduous vine; twinning and woody vine with beautiful compound leaf foliage and very showy spring blooming flower clusters in blue, white or pink.